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Brain Source International – 10 years on the market
Brain Source International recruiting company celebrating its Anniversary – 10 years on the market.

 Gala evening, dedicated to 10th Anniversary was held at Kyiv restaurant “Kureni”, located on 4, Parkova Street, Kyiv, Ukraine. Clients and business partners warmly congratulated Brian Source International with a special day. Andrey Domanskiy led gala evening. For all these years Brain Source International was rapidly developing. 
«For any company this is a long period, especially in recruiting business. For 10 years the market changed totally, most of our competitors had to leave the market, and we, as a company also changed and now actively developing other HR services», — pointed Andrey Kryvokorytov, president at Brain Source International on the gala evening, dedicated to BSI’s 10th Anniversary.
«For me it’s a great honor to stand here today and welcome all of you on this gala evening, honoring 10th Anniversary of Brain Source International.
Through all 10 years Brain Source International continuously and dynamically developed. And for all these years, the company continuously changed: it changed office locations, staff, searched and implemented different strategic decisions, updated service packages. But our mission and values remained unchanged.
When we talk about responsibility, we mean our ability to complete all tasks, even if sometimes they demand more efforts then expected.      
I want to believe that Brain Source International has a reputation of very responsible company, a company which you can trust, knowing that we will not fail.
Management books contain numerous formulas or prescriptions how to become successful.
In BSI, we believe that one can become successful only when you love your job. Most important thing is the ability to put client’s interests on the first place. That is why, while selecting our staff, we are looking for client-oriented consultants, who are able to build long-lasting relation with clients.
I want to thank all of you, who once chose Brain Source. I want to thank all consultants, who were and are working in Brain Source, who are applying European Standards of Recruitment on the market, making people’s lives happier. I want to thank all our clients, small and big, who trusted us the most important process of their business – personnel selection.
And I want to thank all our partners and suppliers, who help us to make our work better”, - said Andrey Kryvokorytov, president Brain Source International on the gala evening, dedicated to BSI’s 10th Anniversary.
Brain Source history is the following: 

Brain Source International – is British recruiting company, founded in 1999 in order to provide Executive Search and HR Services and select prominent middle- and top- management for international and local businesses on emerging markets of CIS.   
Today Brain Source International has operating offices in Tbilisi (Georgia) London (United Kingdom), Kyiv and representative offices in the largest cities of Ukraine. Such office location help BSI to offer recruiting services on the territory of United Kingdom, Western Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Moldova and Azerbaijan.
Also, Brain Source International group of companies has special consulting department called TOTAL HR Consulting. Total HR specializes on personnel assessment and retention strategies. The main goal of the company is to offer complex solutions in Human Resource Management.