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Executive Search & Recruitment
BSI recruits top and middle level managers for large Multinational and leading Georgian companies.
We build knowledge in the following business spheres:

• B2C markets
• B2B markets
• Services markets 
• BSI Network

Recruitment for B2C companies:

Business Unit [B2C] works in the Business-to-Consumer sector.
This sector covers companies working in the following markets:

• Pharmaceuticals
• Home Appliances

• Electronics
• Auto Industry

Recruitment for B2B companies:

Business Unit [B2B] works in the Business-to-Business sector.

Our consultants handle recruitment for companies which work in the following markets:

•    Manufacture and sale of industrial equipment
•    Finance

•    Logistics

BSI core advantages in search and recruitment:

We use high effective internationally proved technologies in the areas of search, recruitment and assessment of top and middle management.
We are always fast to react to clients’ requests.
We have strong project management skills.
We are keen to provide clients with all around information on candidate markets and influences on their businesses.
We have developed a wide network of business contacts that allow us to recruit in the places where job advertisements do not work. 
The consultants of our department are experienced in selecting professionals in various fields. This is due to a profound understanding of the needs of both clients and candidates. With an extensive base of candidates to choose from, we are quite capable of meeting the needs of our customers.
To fulfill the tasks assigned in a more efficient way, the staff of the departments is subdivided into groups of expertise.
Each of the groups specializes in searching for personnel in a specific sector of the market.
The result of our successful work is a high percentage of filled vacancies and further businesslike and friendly relations, both with the clients and candidates.

We are proud of our work, we would be pleased to cooperate and we are ready to strive for success together.